Mya Roberts

For the past ten or so years writing has been a major part of my life.  I write plays, articles, poetry and short stories. Some of these have won acclaim, prizes and publication.  My article on the British Monarchy was published in an American travel magazine. I am in the process of completing my historic novel Song of the Sea, based in Guernsey and the Atlantic Provinces.

I have also had my poetry and short stories broadcast on BBC Radio, and one of my poems was selected for "Poetry On The Buses" which means that my poem literally circled the island on Guernsey for a year.

I achieve well at the Guernsey Eisteddfod, having won the trophy for my poetry and twice won the trophy for my short stories, as well attaining a fine collection of honours and first class certificates.

I am a winner of the 2010 international Pint-sizes Plays competition.

I am competition Co-Ordinator for Guernsey Writers and adjudicate for the Guernsey Eisteddfod.

The Dragons of Herm was inspired by my love of that tiny special place and the many hours I have spent wandering across its varied landscape.  The motif for Herm is a seahorse -
a seahorse that looks rather like a dragon.  As I wandered or sat in tranquillity, my mind drifted into Writer Mode, and my Dragons were born.  However, it was a long time before they were ready to face the world.  They evolved and developed in an on-off fashion over quite a number of years until they were ready to emerge.  And now here they are, for your enjoyment.